Take a taxi from the airport to Portal Salitre or Portal del Norte in Bogotá. Grab a direct bus to Tunja to change buses from there (this buses leave constantly from 5am to 4pm). Once at the bus terminal in Tunja, go to the window of Colmutransvilla to buy your ticket to Villa de Leyva. Remember, the last bus leaves at 7pm.

You can also grab the direct bus to Villa de Leyva at 6am, 9am or 3:30pm by Flota Valle de Tenza or Alianza. The direct bus through Samacá will take you here in 3 hours from Portal del Norte. 

If you take a bus from Bogotá through Chiquinquirá it will take you 5 hours to get here, so ask for the correct route. 

Tickets from Bogotá to Tunja are around $25.000 COP

From Tunja to Villa de Leyva around $8.000 COP  

Direct bus tickets are $28.000 COP (this prices can change depending on the company)



Villa de Leyva is a very well preserved colonial town, just 3 hours from Bogotá. Founded in 1572, you can still see Colombia's history on it's walls and stone streets. In this region you will also visit prehistoric sites and sacred places of the indigenous Muisca. The beauty and variety of the surroundings is ideal for mountain biking, hiking and exploring the exotic fauna and flora of this area. From the desert up to the Paramo, waterfalls, springs, lagoons, caves and farm fields, this town is waiting for you to explore, learn, relax, contemplate or create memories that you will never forget.


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